Electronic Product and Circuit Design
Mixed analog and digital signals are our specialty.
Analog Circuits
Bluetooth Low Energy, HF, VHF, UHF
SENSORS: Medical
Audio, Power
Digital Circuits
Frequency Synthesis
Digital Signal Processing
ARM Cortex M series
Cypress PSoC 1/3/4/5/6
8051 AVR8, AVR32
Digital Filters
Schematic Capture
PCB layout
Prototype construction
Simple Circuits is an electronic product and circuit design company based in San Diego, California. Started in 2005, Simple Circuits supports our customers from product concept through design and production phases.
Our Specialties
• Wireless designs

• Mixed analog and digital circuit design

• Medical electronic devices

• Low power battery operated devices

• Switching DC to DC supplies
Mixed Signal is where it's at
• Software Defined Radio.

• Cypress PSoC 1/3/4/5/6 experts.

• Digital Signal Processing on ARM
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