Simple Circuits Inc.
Our Services
We are flexible. Whether we're undertaking an entire project or just helping to complete a smaller sub-project, our engineers will help you find the simplest way to reach your goal.
Design Experience
We offer the following services:
• Conceptual design / R&D

• Schematic and Bill of Materials Capture

• Printed Circuit Board Layout

• Testing / Certification Approval

• Manufacturing support
Our engineering skills:
• Digital circuit design: low speed to high speed

• Analog circuit design, audio, video, and RF

• Embedded microcomputer software and hardware

• Visual Studio Application Software

• USB device circuit design and firmware

• DSP software and hardware

• FPGA and CPLD design

• Internet appliances
Design of low power transmitters with ranges up to a mile, BLE, and Bluetooth devices.

Implant electronics, RF generators, EKG, and monitoring devices.

USB device connectivity on embedded processors.

High volume, cost sensitive consumer product designs.

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